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26 10, 2017

‘Dive In’ but know how to measure and leverage what’s in your pool!

The diversity and inclusion focus is still relatively young but gaining momentum.

The ‘Dive In’ initiative in the insurance industry, sponsored by Lloyd’s and delivered around the globe (most recently in Australia) is testament to this and a great step forward, but there is more to do in order for organisations […]

31 08, 2017

Do brokers have what it takes to thrive in a hard insurance market?

It’s not something insurance brokers have had to worry too much about in recent times. In fact, not since the early 2000s, and we may not see that sort of severity this time around. But how will brokers cope if we do see a considerable or even moderate shift in […]

6 07, 2017

Survey says insurance brokers amongst least trusted – don’t let perception become reality

Survey says insurance brokers amongst least trusted – don’t let perception becomes reality
New research has shown that just 10% of Australians regard insurance brokers as highly ethical and honest.

This places brokers as the fourth least trusted profession only ahead of car salesman, advertising workers and real estate agents.

Whether you agree […]

12 04, 2017

The Vero Report 2017: Nothing’s new – and that is reason for concern!

The latest Vero SME Insurance Index highlights a deterioration in broker usage by SMEs from 40% in 2013 to 31% in 2016.

The report states “this decline is a surprise for many in the insurance broking industry.” But should it be?

The cause of this decline hasn’t surfaced in the past 12 […]

17 03, 2017

Is insurance broking really about relationships ?

Relationships will always be important, but is there more to it than that? For many years sales organisations have measured client satisfaction to establish if the actions of their sales and service teams are hitting the mark. They even pay third party providers to supply reams of data on it.
But […]

22 12, 2016


Helping businesses to grow through their people
Firstly, we need to be clear about one thing: As Bill Fischer said in Forbes magazine “There are no ‘Kodak moments’… but there are Kodak decades.”

Disruption seldom if ever happens overnight, like some alien space craft entering the stratosphere. It’s generally in plain sight […]

24 11, 2016

How do insurance broking businesses know their team can deliver on the ‘advice model’?

Helping businesses to grow through their people
So much of the commentary around the relevance of the industry into the future centres on the ‘advice model’.

With disrupters, direct market players and changing buyer habits, the pundits would suggest the relevance of brokers into the future hinges on their ability to uncover […]

27 10, 2016


We’re seeing commentators from all segments of the industry calling for change, principally around technology and the advice model.

Robust research from many quarters shows a shift in buying behavior: people will typically research their needs online, but still want to speak to a real person to move them toward a […]

29 09, 2016


Over the past month I have been working with people from both sides of the insurance industry, underwriting and broking.

I posed the question; has broking or indeed the industry created ‘a price monster’: the client?

I recounted quotes from brokers seen in the insurance press, particularly around SME “for these clients it’s […]

10 08, 2016


Click here or below to watch the demo video.

Being a successful sales organisation is about understanding your holistic capability as a business to support your growth objectives.

This should be the first step before embarking on any organisational or individual improvement program.

Our online assessment tools look at organisational structure and readiness […]