Our experienced coaches can work with your teams to get you over the line and substantially improve your strike rate. Most decisions are made prior to the presentation, so much of our work is done around how the decision is made, who will make it, how to uncover the needs and wants of stakeholders and how to positively influence these individuals.


Lets face it. Some e-Learning courses can test the user’s power of concentration flicking from screen to screen answering dry, multiple choice questions. We provide an interactive, collaborative and entertaining e-Learning experience allowing learners to dive deep if they wish, find out more from virtual experts and access resource libraries. We cater for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning preferences as well as the latest game mechanics to maximize user learning engagement.

Find out more about our eLearning and watch a demo in our video.


Being a successful sales organisation is about understanding your holistic capability as a business to support your growth objectives.

This should be the first step before embarking on any organisational or individual improvement program.

Our online assessment tools look at organisational structure and readiness to support the sales growth initiatives, as well as individual skills assessment, mapped to the specific requirements of the role.

We also utilise a profiling tool (HBDI), which helps you to understand how your salesforce thinks. This is critical, as many business development functions sit outside peoples comfort zone. Helping them to recognise this is the first step in making the necessary shift and developing the skills for success.

These tools are unique and powerful, and blended with an interview/workshop process gives you the baseline assessment you need, from which we help you develop a plan to build a strong sales platform to achieve your growth aspirations.

Health Check


Sales Capability Survey

Skills Assessment

Watch our video for a demo of our broker skills assessment tool.


Our virtual Sales Manager Program delivers a unique blend of extensive sales management experience and sales methodology expertise. This has delivered industry leading, top line growth in major corporations and is blended with sales training, coaching and mentoring skill.

In addition, is our ability to deliver and install proven systems and tools that will get your team on track fast and deliver results at a fraction of the cost and hassle of employing a full time executive.

We can cater for short or longer term requirements.

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