martin-van-rhoon-circleMartin van Rhoon
Managing Principal

Above The Line Solutions aligns people’s client engagement behaviour with their organisation’s strategic growth objectives.

Typically we work with staff who are not ‘salespeople’ but engage with clients and need to sell by providing value beyond just price and / or product.

In addition, a vital element to achieving a high performing business with outstanding sales growth is aligning leaders, managers, internal systems, tools and strategy to the sales training initiative.

Put simply, our business is about connecting learning with doing.

How often have you seen organisations invest in sales training only to find it has not changed behaviours or financial outcomes?

We have recognised the void and bring together international sales enablement expertise with world class training, systems and tools and match this with management expertise and industry experience.

Martin has run large sales teams in major corporations for over 15 years achieving industry leading top and bottom line growth. He has gained unique experience working closely with international sales enablement firms, designing, installing and managing sales training programs.

Growing businesses through people !


“Above The Line Solutions has provided sales training and executive coaching to the business and sales leadership teams at Ossur Australia across 2017. Martin van Rhoon’s laser guided programs and executive coaching has transformed an experienced and capable sales team into the global groups high achievers. Our increased insight, clarity and efficiency has seen our business advance to a new level of professionalism and resulted in enhanced market share. Our expectations have been exceeded and the Ossur group will continue to engage Above The Line Solutions as a long-term partner in all elements of sales planning and training at field and executive levels”.
Harvey Blackney, Managing Director, Ossur Australia
[Following the ENGAGE Essential Presenting Course]:
“The course was not only enormously valuable but also thoroughly enjoyable. The methods and techniques I learned have helped me to structure presentations to achieve more powerful effect and considerably reduce the preparation time.”
William, Affiliated FM
[Following the ENGAGE Essential Presenting Course]:
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely valuable. It changed my perspective on communication and has given me the tools and skills to be far more effective and persuasive in my role when dealing with stakeholders. The ‘communication planner’ provided has also cut my preparation time in half.

In addition, Martin is a very engaging presenter and his background in business and industry brings great relevance to the training which resonates strongly with participants. The result is an extremely worthwhile, relevant and productive investment in training for our employees.”

Kirsty, Affiliated FM
“Just as feedback, I had a presentation to a certain customer a day before the course, and a follow-up yesterday. I had mentioned the course in passing, and the customer explicitly told me that he had noticed the difference (for the better!). Very good to have independent confirmation of it’s effectiveness! Kudos to Martin”.
Attendee, ServiceNow, ENGAGE Essential Presenting Course
“This article [Martin’s monthly sales training articles published in F3P online magazine] looks great – I like the personal perspective on this.

Thank you once again for your writing efforts this year – I think you’ve done a great job and I’m sure the financial planners have found it useful.”

Alison Williams, Managing Editor, Publishing Unit, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions
“Just finished the workshop today and wanted to let you know what a valuable and relevant experience it has been. From using SOCIT, to probe deeper into our customer’s challenges and trail solutions to using the ‘hamburger’ to better structure meetings and presentations. I am committed to embedding this in the teams through manager coaching and going forward and becoming ‘uncommon.’ Thanks for investing in our people.”
A note from one of our course attendees to their CEO, AIG
“Outstanding course worth interrupting a busy schedule to attend. I don’t know how I’ve ever sold anything before this course.”

“This is the best sales course I have attended as it is relevant to my role.”

“Martin as a former broker gives the program great credibility.”

Ignite course attendees, AIG
[Following Martin’s two day face-to-face experiential course on whole brain thinking, questioning, structuring responses and persuasive message with Allianz Broker & Agency Corporate]:
“The last two days exceeded my expectations, it had a great impact.”
Glen Drinnan, GM Corporate & NZ - Broker & Agency, Allianz
“Martin is a visionary leader with the ability to see the big picture and a deep understanding of what it takes to turn strategy into reality through people.

He reframes problems and opportunities from different perspectives to the norm. He is able to keep implementation strategies simple enough for his teams and direct reports to understand and implement and leverage the impact that a grassroots effort can make on the organisation.

He gets results.”

Paul Izbicki, Global CEO Total Inter Action
“It’s not easy to find leaders like Martin who are pragmatic, can galvanise people, shift behaviours and reinvigorate businesses.

I employed Martin to head up our corporate operation and then almost immediately take over all our operations in the Eastern Region. These were underperforming businesses that required significant reshaping and transformation. In addition to his business acumen Martin brought sales systems and tools to the organisation that he installed, managed and coached that changed behaviours and transformed the Eastern Region into the highest performing business in the country in terms of revenue growth, profit and other key indicators.”

Peter Blackmore, Former CEO OAMPS Insurance Brokers
“Few people have Martin’s drive and persistence for introducing an idea, a system or an approach then following it through to final success.

I was witness to his ability to create the spark of inspiration within his leadership team enabling them to turn historically mediocre results into industry leading numbers.

Any venture engaging or involving Martin in their corporate plans will gain a “game changer” and someone who will apply his considerable talents to achieve ultimate success.”

Bruce McCluskey, Owner, Principal
“From my experience there are very few ‘disruptive’ creative thinkers like Martin van Rhoon in the insurance industry. Post acquisition he led our business and a number of others.

Having worked closely with Martin it became clear to me that he was a lateral thinker and was able to recognise challenges and provide solutions that others don’t always necessarily see.”

Paul McMahon , Co-Founder Chambers Gallop McMahon (CGM)