Part of aligning people’s client engagement behaviour to the organisation’s strategic sales objective is understanding that people are different and think differently; some are more attuned to certain sales functions than others.

Typically we work with people who don’t have the word “sales” in their title but are required to sell. For many this is out of their comfort zone, as a lot of new business development skills do not come naturally.

Understanding the thinking preference of your people is the starting point in developing a competent, proactive salesforce.

We start by profiling your team using a tool called Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). Recognising the need to make a shift in thinking helps people to open their mind to the training, tools and coaching that facilitates this shift and develops competency and confidence necessary to deliver results.

The second key element is training the leaders and managers in stewardship, coaching and mentoring the salesforce whilst also ensuring your systems, processes and tools are aligned to the sales growth initiative.

These elements create a behavioural change and a sustainable growth platform for your business.